Diandra Hayles

Diandra offers over 8 years of general accounting experience in areas such as accounts receivable management, invoicing and collections, account reconciliations, general journal entries, payroll calculations and remittances, point-of-sale system audits, accounts payable organization and process improvements.  

Diandra is¬†a¬†thorough¬†and detailed accountant.¬†In this respect, she adopts a ‚Äúdown-to-the-penny‚ÄĚ approach in the work she undertakes.¬†Her¬†foundation¬†for¬†support centres¬†on¬†understanding your organization and¬†organizational¬†objectives to support¬†your¬†decision-making¬†process.¬†In short,¬†your¬†top priorities are her top priorities.¬†¬†

Diandra also believes that accounting and financial reporting are the most helpful tools to support effective decision-making and measure the success of organizational objectives. To support her principles, she has obtained a Bachelor of Commerce and is currently pursuing her CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation with CPA Ontario. 

Diandra’s detail-oriented nature and curiosity is evident in the level of work she produces and measures her overall success by the ease and comfort she provides to others. She looks forward to offering you comfort and relief in the day-to-day and incremental needs of your organization.