Emma Collins
Digital Media Coordinator & Graphic Designer

Emma joined the Redstone marketing team after completing an internship with the company, where she honed her skills in graphic design & visual communications. She is excited to continue to learn, work, and collaborate with the many dedicated and talented professionals on the Redstone team. With her varied educational background and skills, Emma brings new perspectives and ideas to Redstone.

She holds a Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing from Western University, an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History from the University of Toronto, and a Graduate Certificate from Fleming College in Museum Management and Curatorship. She also holds a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute. Craving a career where she could express her creativity led her to marketing and design.

Emma is also a passionate equestrian and has learned a number of skills from her work with horses that she can apply to her work such as thoughtfulness, patience, and determination. She is also a talented baker and loves art and design in all capacities.