Key Takeaways from “Going “Phygital”: Blending the Physical & Digital in Events”

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We are living in a “phygital” reality, where our physical and digital worlds have come together as one – a concept that may resonate now more than ever due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19. This is what prompted us to offer a digital roundtable titled “Going “Phygital”: Blending the Physical & Digital in Events”. We were joined by the below panel of event experts who explored exactly what “phygital” means, how organizations can navigate the best of both the physical and digital worlds during COVID-19, and how this concept will undoubtedly continue after the pandemic is behind us.


Phygital events offer the opportunity to explore new and creative ways to engage attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and other stakeholders all while offering additional revenue streams. Check out the infographic below for our key takeaways from this session.

Were you able to join this session with us? Let us know what you learned by commenting below! If you weren’t able to attend, you can access the full recording of the session (along with other Redstone digital roundtables) on our website.


Going Phygital Infographic

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