Tech-Savvy and Digital Obsessed. Carly Silberstein Talks Redstone’s Success in the Virtual Event Space in Interview with

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CEO Carly Silberstein sat down (virtually, of course!) on August 10, 2021, with Susan Null from for their “Personally Professional” series. They discussed  the current state of the events industry and how Redstone has managed to stay on top of the ever-changing pandemic regulations.  

Over the past 18 months, virtual events have been the biggest point of discussion for the events industry. At the onset of the pandemic, in-person events that were in the middle of the planning process had to either shift to a digital format, be re-scheduled, or cancelled all together. 

Redstone was founded based on the mandate that technology would always be intertwined into everything the agency did. This was for the purpose of streamlining processes, building engaged communities and increasing workflow efficiency.  

Already proficient in the world of tech, Redstone was well prepared to help our clients make the transition to digital and hybrid event formats. Equipped with a Digital Event Strategist (DES) certificate from PCMA’s Digital Experience Institute since 2016, Carly and the Redstone team were able to pivot to the “new normal” seamlessly for our clients. Since the shift, Redstone has planned and produced countless successful digital events, and is well-positioned to transition into hybrid and back to fully in-person formats, when the time is right.  

Digital events are going to stick around for the foreseeable future, but it remains a daunting environment for many. Carly’s tips for combatting this apprehension are:  

  • keep an open mind  
  • do your research.  
  • participate in platform demos  
  • reach out to the event community and fellow colleagues; Carly is always open for a chat!  

Possibly the biggest question in the digital event space right now is how to keep an engaged online audience. Carly’s biggest takeaway is first understanding it’s not going to be the same as an in-person event, and the format in which you deliver your content is crucial. Being online also opens up opportunity to get your audience involved. Finding ways to include interactive elements is sure to increase engagement! 

Listen to the full interview with here.  

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