Jessica Levine, CPA, CMA
Manager of Corporate Finance

Jessica is a results-oriented, award winning CPA, CMA with a Masters in Professional Accounting and Business Management. She has experience in a variety of industries and has worked both in the start up world and with a Big 4 firm.  She brings with her a wealth of knowledge on accounting and financial management best practices as well as processes and procedures for ensuring our clients’ financial health. 

Jessica began her post-secondary studies at the University of Western Ontario where she double majored in Biology and Business Management. She then moved on to complete her Master’s in Business Management and Professional Accounting from the University of Toronto, graduating in 2014 and becoming a fully certified CPA, CMA in 2016. 

Jessica prides herself on¬†being a strategic thinker with¬†the valuable trait of being both a¬†‚Äėnumbers-person‚Äô¬†and a¬†‚Äėpeople-person‚Äô¬†simultaneously.¬†¬†This allows her to keep her finger on the financial pulse while¬†remaining in tune¬†with the diverse¬†and unique¬†needs of¬†clients. In this way, among others, her personal and professional values align perfectly with Redstone‚Äôs.¬†¬† Value¬†is placed¬†on¬†providing excellence in customer service and¬†going the extra mile to drive growth in client organizations, while making a positive impact in the communities we serve.¬†As a CPA, Jessica‚Äôs other primary focus is on maintaining ethical practices while providing strong and detailed solutions¬†that¬†promote¬†organizational growth.¬†

Outside of work Jessica is an avid photographer and traveler with a keen interest in animal welfare and environmental sustainability. 

Outside of work, Jessica is an avid photographer, traveler, and animal welfare advocate.