Luke Williams
Account Coordinator

Luke Williams is a professional people person who has worked in events for over six years. While working for annual non-profit conventions, he founded and trained a team of liaisons that assisted with the needs of many guest speakers. Over the years, this has led to Luke building countless professional relationships with industry contacts. Luke also spent 3 years in the cannabis industry starting from the week of its legalization. Not only does this make Luke an ideal aid for associations in this field, but it also meant that Luke developed a resilience for fast changes in a constantly changing industry. 

Luke has led a very dynamic career; with many years working in professional kitchens, both in management and the specialization of pastry work. He has also worked in security, landscaping, fine food service, customer service and even as an axe-throwing coach. Luke believes strongly in running really cool events, and strives to figure out what that means for each individual client. Luke is a bright, shining, friendly face who is more than willing to go above and beyond to make your event a success. He loves food, animals, video games, and most nerdy things in general.