Maggie Large
Manager, Association Marketing

As a creative and analytical marketer, Maggie is eager to collaborate with her clients to develop and execute ideas that will drive awareness, engagement and value for association members and stakeholders. With over two years of experience on Redstone’s account management team, Maggie took a brief hiatus from the association industry to explore an opportunity as a Marketing Manager at an integrated marketing agency. She gained valuable experience planning and executing campaigns for various brands across retail, digital, experiential and sponsorship.   

Maggie is¬†proactive and results-driven¬†and thrives in a team-oriented¬†environment.¬†As an¬†exceptionally organized individual, she prides herself on her ability to¬†seamlessly¬†manage various client accounts¬†and¬†provide individually¬†tailored advice for each of her clients. Maggie’s meticulous attention to detail and her proficiency in strategically managing relationships ensures that she consistently delivers an unparalleled client experience.¬†¬†

Maggie graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology. She is passionate about learning, embraces professional development and strives to continue enhancing her expertise in association marketing. In her spare time, you can find Maggie practicing yoga and barre, getting lost in a good book, or escaping from the city with her dog, Jolene, to explore the outdoors at her family’s cottage.